Okrúhly stôl k digitálnej transformácii 18. mája o 15:30

EAB: Education Technology, Services, and Research organizuje pre členov združenia EUNIS okrúhly stôl na tému Digitálna transformácia. Na podujatie je potrebné sa prihlásiť.

Text pozvánky:

EAB is pleased to co-host this meeting with EUNIS, where senior university leaders from across Europe will discuss global best practices for driving digital innovation and avoiding digital delusion.

When: Wednesday, 18 May at 3:30pm CET/2:30pm BST

Higher education’s appetite for digital transformation has grown significantly in the past decade, with the COVID-19 only accelerating these factors further. But as institutions across the globe continually adjust to post-pandemic life, it’s clear that digital dexterity is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for business continuity. Leaders now face the difficult task of determining which investments will improve their university’s digital footprint.

In this one-hour long meeting, EAB experts will break down effective capabilities to keep your campus digitally relevant and avoid digital delusion – adopting technology merely for the sake of technology. Attendees will walk away with strategies to create genuine digital transformations, with discussions on:

How to establish a common definition of digital transformation
The biggest barriers to transformative digital success
Leading industry examples of digital innovations on campus

Read more details and register here.