Kongres #EUNIS24

Registration for the EUNIS 2024 Congress  Intelligent Digital Ecosystem for European Universities is now open!

This annual EUNIS event consists of:

#EUNIS24 is hosted by the GUnet (Greek Universities Network) at the University of Athens premises. 

The Congress provides a unique opportunity to exchange perspectives and experiences in relation to the digital transformation of European Universities, aiming to strategically assess challenges and opportunities in an era of new concerns about demographics, mobility, energy and digital sovereignty.

#EUNIS24 programme will feature: parallel presentations in thematic tracks, keynotes, panel discussions, hands-on sessions and exhibitions, plus an exciting social program in the city of Athens and its surroundings!

#EUNIS24 promo video

EUNIS welcomes the proposals from member institutions for organising next EUNIS annual Congresses. If your institution is interested in hosting the following years EUNIS events, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail or your bid to: info@eunis.org.